Belize Mission Project

Announcing the Fall Trip
October 27th to November 3rd, 2001

It is hard to believe we have completed seven years of medical mission projects to Belize, Central America. As I look back over our experiences, I certainly feel a sense of satisfaction in the work we have accopmlished. Our groups have seen well over 10,000 medical and dental patients from which many touching stories have evolved. The people we have seen have always been extremely thankful for the help we have been able to give. The demand for treatment is great and unfortunately, we don't get to everyone while we are there.

The mission participants have been blessed for their efforts in ways they didn't expect. This past trip was one of the most difficult to date, in that we arrived just after a major hurricane and our trip was filled with so much uncertainty. We came to Belize not even knowing if we would be able to perform medicine or dentistry. We were prepared to do storm clean-up instead. After attending our final morning devotion before we left, we found that it proved to be the best effort yet despite the adversities.

Medical help doesn't stop in Belize. During this last trip, there was a ten year old girl brought to us at one of the local clinics. She was unable to open her mough. To eat she must push soft food to the back of her mouth. She has had ankylosis of the mandible for some time and had considerable facial deformities. Currently, we are organizing a plan for this young girl to be brought to the states for medical and dental treatment. We ask that people would pray for the decisions made for this child's future.

Here are just a few comments from some of the Belize Mission Project volunteers...

"I went on my first trip to Belize with the intention of 'trying this just once.' I had such a wonderful experience that I am now going back for my 7th trip."

Craig Holzem, M.D.

"I have been on several medical mission projects and there is so much to give to the people. The medical experiences I have had, inspired me to go into the medical profession. I am now about to graduate from Physician Assistant school."

Courtney Whipps, PA-student

"I've made some great friends, treated some wonderful people, and even learned a little something about myself along the way. The Belize Mission trip is definitely a life changing experience."

Tom Pillar, D.D.S.

The dental clinics concentrate on restorative (fillings) and preventive dentistry. Two years ago, we tood our first dental technicians in order to make removable appliances and this was a big success. There is a great need for dental technicians, hygienists, and assistants.

Medical clinics are always busy with patients with various needs. The medications distributed are so valuable and difficult to obtain in Belize. For physicians and their assistants, we focus on family practice type clinics. Where possible, we try to utilize specialists in their treatment areas.

This is a great experience for those who have never been involved in medical missions. The trip is very comfortable and non-threatening. The citizens of Belize are very welcoming. We are now announcing our next Belize Mission Project, which will be Oct. 27th to Nov. 3rd, 2001. This mission will be both medical and dental. Anyone is welcome...Dentists, Physicians, P.A.'s, N.P's, hygienists, dental assistants, non-medical help, and everyone in between. If you would like more information concerning this experience or if you are wanting to sign up, contact the following:

Dr. Frank Whipps
1020 Jonas St.
Centralia, IL 62801
(618)532-1821 OR (618)532-7210 (Nights)

Unfortunately, we have to limit the number of participants and there are a lot of people that enjoy going each year so.. DON'T WAIT!