Belize Mission Project Newsletter
Announcing the Fall Trip
October 25th to November 1st, 2003

"Belize Mission Project 2002"

A Decade! When the participants of the Belize Mission Project finished that first trip nine years ago, I had no idea the project would still be going. Thanks to almost 400 trip participants it has remained a success. During this decade we have been involved in the lives of some 14,000 medical and dental patients.

This project has three goals:
     1. To practice medicine and dentistry in a Christian way
     2. To encourage people to participate in mission projects
     3. To encourage trip participants to think about what is really important in their own lives.

I feel we are continuing to fulfill these goals. We are able to render a high quality of care given the conditions. We continually have new trip participants mixed with a high percent of repeaters and many of the past participants also go on to other projects. As an aside, the 2003 trip is over half filled, before it was publicized. In keeping in touch with participants once we all get back to our routine, I have noticed that this experience has affected many participants’ lives in a personal way. In fact we had our first marriage last summer as the result of this trip.

Approximately three years ago, hurricane Keith wrecked Ambergris Caye, Belize demolishing a small wooden church. Dr. Ed and Tammi Kircher took the news of this destruction to their home church. As a result, several thousand dollars has since been raised to help rebuild this church. A young man that was initially treated during one of our trips to Belize, was recently brought to the U.S. by Dr. John Mosier for evaluation of post healing numbness. And, last October Bonnie and I took a young lady back home to Belize who had lived with us for eighteen months while she had eight operations.

Getting involved in mission projects does make a difference in ones’ personal life and affects the lives we touch in many ways we don’t imagine.

Please Help Us Keep The Trip Going

We would always like to have the names of people who might be interested in our project. Please pass the information on about the trip and then give me a call so I can include their name on our mailing list.

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Here are just a few comments from some of the Belize Mission Project volunteers...

“In Belize I realized that in places where you can easily get everything, you want everything. In places where you can’t get everything, people are satisfied with what they have and are willing to share it with anyone. When I went on the adventure of passing out rice and beans, I noticed that even before we got to them, they knew that we were there to help. They were extremely grateful to receive food. To them it was another way to survive their hardships of having multiple children, not having jobs, and losing support”.

Marley Hutchinson Age 12

“We truly enjoyed ourselves even though we came home with blisters and were exhausted. We really enjoyed all the people and the good feelings that existed among the group”.

Debi Craner

The dental clinics concentrate on restorative (fillings) and preventive dentistry. Dental technicians make removable appliances, which has been a big success. There is a great need for dental technicians, hygienists, and assistants.

Medical clinics are always busy with patients with various needs. The medications distributed are so valuable and difficult to obtain in Belize. For physicians and their assistants, we focus on family practice type clinics. Where possible, we try to utilize specialists in their treatment areas.

This is a great experience for those who have never been involved in medical missions. The trip is very comfortable and non-threatening. The citizens of Belize are very welcoming. We are now announcing our next Belize Mission Project, which will be Oct. 25th to Nov. 1st, 2003. This mission will be both medical and dental. Anyone is welcome... Dentists, Physicians, P.A.’s, N.P.’s, hygienists, dental assistants, non-medical help, and everyone in between. If you would like more information concerning this experience or if you want to sign up, contact the following:

Dr. Frank Whipps
1020 Jonas St.
Centralia, IL 62801

(618) 532-1821 (days) OR (618) 532-7210 (nights)

Unfortunately, we have to limit the number of participants and there are a lot of people that enjoy going each year so...DON’T WAIT!