Belize Mission Project Newsletter 2008
Announcing the Fall Trips

September 25th to October 3rd, 2009
October 16th to October 24th, 2009
October 30th to November 7th, 2009

It seems as if I just wrote the last newsletter in that our project continues to grow and require more time. 2008 saw the addition of another week.  There were 98 people who shared their talents with the people of Belize.  There were thirty two dentists, three physicians, several hygienists, assistants, dental technicians, audiologists and helpers. Another addition this year was occupational therapy.  I found out that the wife of someone coming on the trip was a therapist and we used her training.  What a blessing she was to the several people who needed help!  Help with such things as dressing themselves after having a stroke.  She saw patients and taught a class to medical auxiliaries.  I would like to add more of this help in 2009.
2008 saw continued involvement with the San Pedro Poly Clinic.  We were able to generate the funds to send another container of medical supplies with a street value of around $400,000.  This was our second, forty foot container.  The container contained a medical x-ray machine and during the second week we had an x-ray installer on the trip who got the machine up and running.  Once in operation it seemed that everyone needed an x-ray. In face, the son of the owner of the resort where we stay broke his arm.  Having the machine on the island saved the family a day trip to the mainland and a lot of money.  We were also able to do more dental hygiene which is a big need in Belize.  What holds us back from doing more, is the laco of both hygientists and dental units.
Of course the audiologists are never without work and their place on the project has become routine.  They continually search for patients that need help and that group does an excellent job soliciting donations from suppliers so more help can be given.

Medicine in Belize

We were blessed to have had three physicians last year.  Over the years they have had interesting stories about the people they have been able to help.  Most of the time they are doing general practice with a few emergencies thrown in.  This is another area of the trip that could be expanded.  In fact I have been looking for a dermatologist to go.  That need is expressed by one of the Belizean physicians so please pass the word.  One of the big services in medicine would be to do continuing education.

2008 Group 1

1st Week 2008

2008 Group 2

2nd Week 2008

2008 Group 3

3rd Week 2008

The Dental Lab

The making of removable partial dentures was started several years ago and the need keeps expanding.  In 2008 we had three dental techs and We may have four in 2009.

Please help us keep the trip going.
We would always like to have the name of people who might be interested in our project. Please pass the information on about the trip and then give me a call so I can include their name on our mailing list.

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Purposes For The Project

Up to this I haven’t said why we do the project. In general we are trying to honor God by helping those less fortunate.  Many scriptures admonish us to help those in need and we strive to do just that.  While we don’t evangelize directly we share God’s word as we can.  We seek to be good Christian examples in our daily lives.  The project probably ministers more to those who go on the trip in that they see the love expressed to them by all the people they come into contact with.  Most people return home with a renewed sense of purpose and outlook on life.

Rice and Beans

A few years ago a person brought money from her church to be used as needed.  After some discussion it was decided to do a food give away which continues to this day.  It is called our beans and rice program and we usually collect over a thousand dollars per week for which we can buy about 1500 pounds of food.  While the expressions from those receiving the gifts vary, one knows it is greatly appreciated and is another way we can show our love.  In 2008 another program was added where we donate money to a school lunch program that provides an education at low cost to families in need .

Here are just a few comments from some of the Belize Mission Project volunteers...

“I finished my 9th mission last year and have taken my wile and three of our children at different times... The missions only get better and the people are so appreciative. The mission is an emotional, spiritual, and very gratifying experience“

John Wright

“I had not been on a mission trip in the past and wasn’t sure what to expect. So I took a chance and went outside my comfort zone. I have traveled to remote villages in the Belizean country initially with skeptism only to be greeted with open arms. So take a chance and travel to a foreign country. Your life will be changed forever.”

Phil Bangle

The dental clinics concentrate on restorative (fillings) and preventive dentistry. Dental technicians make removable appliances, which has been a big success. There is a great need for dental technicians, hygienists, and assistants.

Medical clinics are always busy with patients with various needs. The medications distributed are so valuable and difficult to obtain in Belize. For physicians and their assistants, we focus on family practice type clinics. Where possible, we try to utilize specialists in their treatment areas.

This trip is very comfortable and non-threatening. The citizens of Belize are very welcoming. We are now announcing our next Belize Mission Projects, which will be Sept 25 to Oct. 3, Oct 16 to Oct 24 , and Oct 30 to Nov. 7, 2009. This mission will be both medical and dental. Anyone is welcome…...Dentists, Physicians, P.A.’s, N.P.’s. hygienist, dental assistants, non-medical help, and everyone in between. If you would like more information concerning this experience or if you want to sign up, contact the following:

Dr. Frank Whipps
1020 Jonas St.
Centralia, IL 62801

(618) 532-1821 (days) OR (618) 233-5364 (nights)

Unfortunately, we have to limit the number of participants and there are a lot of people that enjoy going each year so…………….DON’T WAIT!

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