1.  To Introduce People To The Idea Of Going On A Mission Trip

Many people have an interest in attending a mission trip, but are afraid for their own safety.  Others are afraid they may get sick, or even hurt, as a result of traveling to a third world country.  Still others are turned away because of the ruggedness of the trip.  This trip has been organized in such a way as to minimize many concerns of first time mission trip participants.  It is the project's goal to make the nature of the trip non-threatening, safe, and as comfortable as possible.  It is a great trip for those that have never been on a mission trip.  Many also gravitate to the Belize Mission Project because of the not so rugged environment and living conditions during the trip.  We even have kids who often attend the trip with their parents.

2.  To Practice Medicine And Dentistry In A Christian Manner

We want to help people with medical and dental needs that have little access to these needs.  These needs are provided in a loving and Christian way.  This trip is a NON-profit trip and is not affiliated with any particular denomination or church, but participants are expected to act in a Christian manner.  There is not evangelizing as a group, however many participants of the trip feel led to witness to the people they come into contact with during the week.  Tracts are available to pass out to the people of Belize and occasionally Bible School and Bible study courses are offered to the locals.  As a group, we do have devotions every morning before people take off for the day to the various clinic sites, and many consider these morning devotions as one of their most favorite parts of the trip.

3.  To Give Project Participants A Chance To Think About What Is Really Important In Their Own Lives

A common personal goal of many trip participants is to professionally and spiritually give to those less fortunate and in need. Although this goal is accomplished, what most discover is that they too receive much, much more than ever expected.  These blessings are not of the material form, but by knowing that they have made someone's life just a little easier. The trip provides a chance for someone to go out and do something for someone else out of pure love.  Knowing that they can't repay you with money, it is here that most grasp that a simple "Thank-You" and big smile are both worth more than all the money in the world.  By doing this, it helps put our own life into perspective.