Belize Mission Project Tagline and Logo

2023 Trips: Oct 6-14, 2023 and Oct 14-22, 2023

The BMP tagline is derived from the BMP Mission Statement

Called To Move
Something stirs within for each participant of the BMP to encourage action. A calling occurs and steps follow to answer. We are Called to Move.

Sent To Serve
Leaving our everyday to share gifts and talents creates opportunities for growth and perspective in our work. The people of Belize offer gratitude without realization of our benefits. We receive more than we give. We are Sent to Serve.

Transformed by Love
Our time offering of ourselves generates a reciprocal result. The population we serve receives care that otherwise would be out of reach. As participants, we receive a fresh outlook, a network of friendships built on our common experience, and time spent in reflection, prayer, and worship that changes who we were before our time on the Belize Mission Project. We are Transformed by Love.

The BMP logo contains the circular shape representing our full circle of participation between God, the members of the BMP, and the people we serve. The tooth is prominent to honor the foundation of the BMP by dentist, Dr. Frank Whipps and his wife, Bonnie. The cross represents Christ at the center of all we do and our focus remaining on Jesus. The physical features of the swooping wave, the palm tree, and the colors mimic the landscape in Belize.