"Our experience in Belize has been nothing short of amazing. We went on our first BMP in 1994 as a “one time experience”. We were so blown away we have been back every year since then with the exception of one. I’ll be the first to admit that as a physician I was starting to get burnt out and frustrated with the current medical climate. It seemed that medicine had become little more than assembly line care with filling out forms or appeasing insurance companies. On top of that, patient’s expectations continue to rise to greater and greater levels often leaving you tired and unappreciated.

Belize changed all of that. I was able to practice real medicine. I did the best I could with what I had and patients were happy and appreciative. I received more “God bless you”s in one week in Belize than I get in a year in private practice. I know my patients do appreciate me at home, but if I am not there they could be seen by one of my partners, the group next door or down the street, the Urgi-care or Emergency room.

In some of the places I have been to in Belize I may be the only doctor they will see for another year or longer. Belize has become a second home and part of our life an as long as our health remains good we will continue to make the journey."

Dr. Craig Holzem

20 years ago in the mountains of Honduras I extracted #8 and#9 on a young lady who, had she been born in the US and had wanted to, could have been a supermodel. She bounced off the tailgate of a pickup, flipped and landed on #8 and #9 and broke them off flush with the gingiva.

Her family’s financial and geographic circumstances and my lack of equipment and supplies left me with no other option. From the moment I extracted those teeth I told myself I need to be able to provide more complete care to the people I was serving and I looked for another mission group that moved patients in a positive direction.

I found BMP and ,with portable equipment and like minded friends, have enjoyed the satisfaction of fixing teeth ever since.”

Tom Sentz