Beginning of the Belize Mission Project

2023 Trips: Oct 6-14, 2023 and Oct 14-22, 2023

Originally known as "The Fishin' Mission," the trip focused on two things: dental/medical mission work and professional fishing. Dr. Frank Whipps, an orthodontist in Centralia, IL was one of the individuals who helped start "The Fishin' Mission." He began to feel an inner desire to focus strictly on dental and medical mission work. This desire was shared by many of the now regular group participants. As a result, the "Belize Mission Project" was formed

Belize Mission Project Mission Statement

The Belize Mission Project is a nondenominational project that follows Judeo-Christian beliefs. Our purpose is not only to address the healthcare needs of the people of Belize but to also address the needs of those rendering care. We want those who participate to receive the peace and joy from learning to give themselves away. We also want to address the spiritual needs of the people we come in contact with by showing our love for them and sharing the gospel as we can. In order to do this we have established the following goals:

  1. To do medicine and dentistry in a Christian way.

We seek to do this by providing care in a loving manner. At times when we are not rendering care, we hope to be good examples to the people with whom we interact. We minister to people based on the time and talents of the people participating in the project. This witnessing may include the passing of literature, visiting with people, prayer, music, devotions, and attending church services.

  1. To encourage those who have never been on a mission trip to get involved.

We do this by having a well-organized project where we try to explain in advance what they will experience. This is a safe trip where we stay in comfortable surroundings and many people speak English.

  1. To allow participants to have an introspective look into their own lives.

People who go on mission trips do so because they feel they want to help others. And while they do help, participants receive far more than they give. This is in the form of peace and satisfaction with oneself. We all have a variety of problems and issues in our lives. Participation in a mission project smooths those issues and creates a “Place of Power” in times of need.